What To Look For When Buying a French Bulldog Puppy

The French bulldog is one of the most common puppy pets. It is small in stature and easy to maintain. It responds easily to commands and comes with manageable energy. However, owning a French bulldog is not automatic for everyone.

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FRENCH BULLDOG 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Owning A French Bull  Dog Puppy


Each French bulldog puppy comes with unique characteristics. Its lineage and growth environment will affect its temperament. Consequently, this will define your pet ownership experience.

Owning a pet while in college or studying remotely is a lot of work. You have to feed, groom, and exercise the dog. You also need time to bond with your pet for emotional and physical support. You can hire someone to write a paper while you spend time with your puppy to avoid compromising your studies.

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You do not have the time to buy and return puppies. The best experience is to buy one that serves your pet’s needs for a long time. Here is a comprehensive expert guide on how to buy and What To Look For When Buying a French Bulldog Puppy.

Genetic history

Buy the dog from a recognized breeder who can provide a reasonable genetic history. The best French bulldog puppies are pure breeds. You can predict their temperament and behavior. If you want to breed your puppies, you will also end up with a pure breed.

The genetic history of a puppy will also affect its health. Pure breeds are not associated with allergies and some types of diseases. While you cannot predict the diseases that will infect your dog, it is always reassuring to know that your dog will not be susceptible to diseases or pests.

The genetic history should be as pure as possible. It takes several breeding cycles to enhance the purity of a French bulldog puppy. With the history, you can predict the level of purity and the expected pet behavior.

Health Records

Review the health record of the puppy before purchase. Pets are supposed to provide companionship. They play around the house and accompany you when taking walks around your neighborhood. You also spend your time patting the pet or grooming it for emotional support. Such responsibilities are only possible if you have a healthy puppy.

Breeders keep health records for the pets and other family members. Choose the healthiest French bulldog. It guarantees enough energy required for a pet around the house. You also avoid constant hospitalization and the associated bills. If the pet is incapacitated, it will be a burden in your home instead of offering companionship.

A healthy pet is easy to manage. You can train it on feeding, defecation, and interacting with visitors. An invalid French bulldog is a physical, emotional, and financial burden that you might not be willing to carry at the moment.

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How old is your puppy? A pet puppy should not be too young that it becomes a burden to care for. Buy a puppy that has already been weaned and is ready to live a normal life. The very young puppies require special attention like milk and constant cleaning. They also require special sleeping places. It will take a heavy financial and time toll on you.

An older puppy is could also be problematic to adopt. It has already been trained or is used in a certain environment. This might make it difficult to settle in your home. Avoid very old dogs because their lifespan and energy are low. They will not serve your desire for companionship.

Age also comes with diseases and susceptibility to pests. Choose a relatively young puppy that you can train and acclimatize faster. It will also be energetic to match your pet’s needs.


Is the dog trained to live in a home? Training gives you an adequately tamed pet. It is not a threat to the people in the house. It will also not break the boundaries you have set in the house.

Professional dog shelters train their dogs to live civilly with their hosts. It will, therefore, be easier for you to keep the dog within your house and community. You do not face lawsuits because your dog bit someone or misbehaved. Owning a trained dog is the best pet-ownership experience.

Personal preferences

Each person has unique preferences for a pet, especially a dog. The choice of a French bulldog indicates preference since there are many other types of dogs you can own as pets. Here are personal preferences you should consider when buying a French bulldog.


French bulldogs come in multiple colors. The most common colors are a mix of white, black, and brown. You will also find blended colors like grey. Choose your preferred dominant color since the bulldog will be an ornament in your home.


Do you want a fighter or a docile pet on your couch? You can instantly judge the temperament of a dog within a few encounters. If you need company without a lot of movement or energy, you can choose a docile French bulldog. If you need an active pet playing around the house, you will also find one.


How much does your dog eat? The small stature means that French bulldogs do not eat as much. However, they also have a range of quantities for each dog. This will determine the quantity and frequency of soiling around the house.


Some dogs are needy while others love their independence. If you need a pet to stay home but not on your lap, you can choose one. You avoid a pet with a conflicting personality and one that will not meet your emotional needs.

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Pets come with allergies. They fail to eat some foods or live in particular environments. You may also be allergic to the pet. Choose a pet that does not introduce allergies in your life or one that will always be down with an allergy. Use killer papers discount code to get help with your homework and create more time with your pets.

The French bulldog puppy is one of the most rewarding pets. However, the choices you make during purchase will determine your overall ownership experience. Choose a puppy that will provide the best companionship and pet experience through good health as well as a reasonable energy level.

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