13 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

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Happy cats live healthier and longer lives. As a result, cat parents must ensure that their little tigers are as comfortable as possible.

However, it’s not all that difficult. Cats are extremely easy to please and entertain. Not to mention that, in many cases, you’ll end up having a great time with them.

We cover more than 13 amazing things you will do in this article to ensure your cat’s life is the best possible.

1. Pay Attention To Your Cat

You may be wondering how to listen to your cat, but we mean understanding both verbal and nonverbal cues by listening. 

We are often shocked when we see our furry kitty acting strangely, such as scratching the couch or any other surface. You may not realize it, but it is a sure sign of stress.

2. Make An Appointment With Your Veterinarian

vet doctor checking up the cat
Image Credit: Andrey_Kuzmin, Shutterstock

Cats that are in good health are happy. While some owners may be concerned about taking their cat to the vet, many veterinary methods are cat-friendly or have a doctor specializing in cats and will happily demonstrate to nervous owners how much a trip to the veterinarian is worth. It can be pleasant.

If your cat hasn’t been bath, it’s time to do so. Neutering or spaying and neutering your cat will help prevent aggression and reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Provide a Balanced Diet

two kittens eating cat food_shutterstock_MaraZe
Image Credit By: MaraZe, shutterstock

Since your cat’s dietary needs depend on his developmental stage, this can be tricky. When your kitten is still a kitten, you should feed him food appropriate for his age. I can say the same for adult and senior cats. Each stage has its unique balance that is best suited for a specific age group.

Always get the best food for them is a good rule. At every price point, there seems to be a multitude of excellent cat food options. Just make sure your cat’s food has the proper balance of nutrients.

Since cats are prey animals, they require a lot of protein. With little more than a result, check to see if the brand you’re buying contains any fillers or grains. Ask your vet for advice if you are not sure which food is best for your cat.

4. Chin Scratch

woman scratching cat's chin
Image Credit: Pixabay

Most cats enjoy having their chins scratched. And, to be honest, we want to rub them. It’s more addictive than catnip for few cats, and they won’t let you pass without getting some love!

It’s easy to tell when your cat wants to scratch its chin. They’ll often give you a cute, tiny head butt to let you know they’re ready. In other words, you may notice that they are rubbing their head against your arm or leg. However, if you scratch their chin before they ask, they will love you even more.

5. Prepare Your Cat To Handle a Variety of Situations

Handle a Variety of Situations

Cats like to stick to a single routine, so you have to get it out of its slumber and train it to adapt to new situations.

That is accomplished quickly by erecting mechanical barriers. You can also use aluminum foil or double-sided tape to cover areas where your cat likes to scratch furniture.

Change up the environment by creating a different scratching post, and if your cat prefers this option to regular surfaces, you can offer a reward for reinforcing the new behavior.

6. Be Clear About Your Intentions 

Let your cat know how much you care for him. You can give him some cute toys to play with, delicious food, and quality time to show him that you care. If your cat is satisfied, she will be in excellent health.

7. Use Your Mouth To Make Cooing Sounds

If your cat is depressed, spend some time making cooing noises to make him feel better. A gentle touch or pat will also comfort and please him. It will be happier and more relaxed if it sees you as its guardian and food provider rather than as its owner.

8. Give your Cat Preventative Medicine

Everyone, especially your cat, is troubled by bedbugs, ticks, mites, and heartworm disease. Even if a cat is keeping strictly indoors, it can attack.

Owners should discuss this with their veterinarians to determine the best parasite prevention strategy for their cats. A parasite-free cat is a happy cat, and a parasite-free family is a healthy family.

9. Avoid Forcing Your Cat To Do Something She Doesn’t Want To Do

Give your sweet kitty some time to come out of her shell and start feeling comfortable if you’re looking forward to spending some time with her. It can feel threatened if you try to embrace it.

 Prepare Your Cat To Handle a Variety of Situations

10. Train Together

Cats, like dogs, are intelligent and trainable. To do fun tricks and mental and physical stimulation is beneficial to cats.

Teaching your cat to sit is easy, and training your cat to rest on stools rather than counters will make both you and your cat much happier.

An added benefit of training is that it strengthens the bond between owner and cat, undoubtedly ways to make your cat happy.

11. Use a Tin of Catnip To Lure Yours Cat

If all other methods of getting your cat out of its shell have failed, try luring it with a tin of catnip.

Catnip has proven to be a beautiful attraction to cats, who have become much friendlier as a result.

That can help break the ice and pave the way for you and your cat to form a stronger bond or relationship.

12. Avoid Making Them Jealous

Dogs, on the other hand, enjoy playing with other dogs, but not so with cats.

They hate being around other cats. They may be aware of a frightening feeling of jealousy when they see other cats vying for your attention.

Your little kitty may start to distrust you if you spend more time with other cats than necessary.

13. Be Extremely Careful With The Tail.

When a cat picks up its bush, it doesn’t mean it needs to be rubber. If your cat becomes overly excited in this area, she may become aggressive. That is because the cat is just a bundle of nerves in this area, and the excessive stimulation may be too much to handle.


By using the tricks mentioned above, you can easy ways to make your cat happy and friendly with you.

Use any of these tricks whenever your cat is down in the dump, and your cat will be back in high spirits in no time. Even cats can have mood swings, and instead of forcing yourself on them, you should respect them.

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