Rules And Tips For Traveling To Europe With Pets

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Pets are some of the most beautiful examples of selfless love and care. Whenever someone decides to have a pet travel, they need some prerequisites to take their beloved animals with them. There are plenty of rules and tips for traveling to Europe with pets.

Today we will discuss the crucial points that will help all pet owners to enjoy the time with their cute cats and dogs.

Read the entire book if you are one of the people deciding to travel to any country in Europe and beyond.

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Remembering Key Rules And Tips For Traveling To Europe With Pets

Every year the summer becomes unbearable for many pets and pet owners. One of the best things about this weather is that you can travel to many countries with moderate temperatures and scorching heat.

The rules and tips for traveling to Europe with pets make it difficult for many owners to abandon the plan. European Union has some of the most agile and strict regulations regarding the travel itinerary for animal caretakers.

But don’t worry, many best low maintenance pets can accompany you on your European travel. Let’s examine the essential rules for making you’re itinerary more flexible to burdensome regulations.

Traveling To Europe With Pets


European Union health regulations mandate that all pets, including cats, dogs, and ferrets, must have the vaccination. Also, the authorized vet issues a pet passport with the history of vaccination date, vaccination product name, and formulation written on it.

The pet passport is mandatory for entrance into European union borders. Even for residents, it’s essential to carry this legal document confirming ownership and proof of treatment.

Europen Medicines Agency (EMA) and Europen Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) issued guidelines for animal-borne diseases. Therefore having a rabies vaccination is a must for any pet owner.

It would be best if you met with your pet doctor to discuss it four weeks before travel begins. Your vet has the complete vaccination record that he will verify before issuing the document.

One important thing to remember is that in the European union traveling pets are considered only cats, dogs, and ferrets. If you have other animals such as monkeys, albino mice, or some birds, you will not get approval unless you participate in some exotic animal show.

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An important thing to follow in booking online accommodation in any European country is to mention you have a pet. Some landlords have a zero-tolerance policy for animal presence on their premises.

Although some countries have pet friendly apartments for rent via online booking or Airbnb, discussing with the apartment or room’s landlord is better for avoiding mismanagement at your end.

Hangout Plans

Usually, European countries have animal-friendly bars and places for hanging out and seeing the sites. But some countries have strict rules about not allowing pets on public transport and sightseeing places.

For example, France generally has well-tolerated regulations for dogs. But still, you cannot visit Eifel tower with a labrador retriever or even a chihuahua.

At old historic sites, dogs can be taken near the place but aren’t allowed to enter the premises. So a clear understanding and conformity are necessary to enjoy your European holiday trip.

Switzerland, France, and Hungary allow small dogs like Terriers to be allowed inside bars. But remember that the dog should be domesticated and bear no danger of biting and barking.

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Availability of Health Certificate

A health certificate is the second most important document that should be available in hand. Its European health commission law enforces all the owners to have pet’s well-being reports while traveling between European and non-European countries.

On the other hand, passengers arriving from America and Canada must keep this certificate with them. Except for staff under diplomatic cover and delegation that requires only state department approved vets certification and valid for up to a year.

The travelers must have this legal document 10 days before the departure and a vaccination record that remains valid for 120 days or four months.

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We have given you all the steps to follow the rules and tips for traveling to Europe with pets. Remembering these regulations is like reading a descriptive essay about your dog. Post covid guideline has affected many businesses, and health is the most affected.

Therefore European countries have pledged their firm stance on pets’ health and minimal damage to the human population. If you plan to travel to all of the European continent or a few famous places in the coming months, then please follow the key points so you can enjoy the sightseeing and your pet gets the same experience.

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