What You Need To Know Before Starting A Dog Boarding Business

Let’s Work On Starting A Dog Boarding Business

When starting a dog boarding business, you seem to only need a place to feed and walk the dog. However, starting and running a dog boarding business can be daunting in the face of unexpected difficulties.

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It is possible to build a thriving business with proper research and preparation, but if you do it the wrong way, you can face serious problems. If you are considering starting a dog boarding business, please keep these things in mind.

According to the American Pet Products Association, the “pet services” category is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the pet industry, with boarding services playing an important role. With a few simple steps, You can start your own profitable dog boarding business.

You always keep your options open and never ever give up.

Acquire Experience

If you want to open a boarding kennel, you must gain some experience working in a mature company. You should also have a basic understanding of animal behavior, animal health, and facility upkeep (or hire qualified personnel with these skills).

Experience in veterinary technicians, pet sitters, dog walkers, or animal shelter volunteers, as well as research experience in animal-related fields, is preferred.

Kennel owners can also join institutions such as the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, which provides industry-specific training and education.

Proper Planning Is Important

It’s time to get to work once you’ve decided you’re ready to start your own dog boarding business. Having a good plan will help you stay on track throughout the process because you will know exactly what needs to be done to make your dream of working in the pet care industry a reality.

Here are some guidelines to help you get started. After that, once your dog boarding business is up and running, it will be just a matter of managing it properly to keep it going for a long time and see it grow.

Describe the services you provide

Will you be providing grooming and bathing services, as well as possibly dog ​​training sessions, in addition to boarding? What, will you only provide long-term boarding, such as for those who take a few days off, or will you also provide daycare for those who only need someone to look after their dog at work? Did it happen? Does it occur? Will you open a small store where customers can buy pet food, toys, and other pet-related items?

Determine The Price You Charge For Your Services By Doing The Following

After you decide what services you will provide through your dog boarding business, you need to find out how much those services will cost.

Your pricing structure will be determined based on your location, because different markets may charge customers different fees for the same service. To see what other dog boarding facilities in the area are charging.

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Find The Most Suitable Facility

Now that you know what services you will provide to your customers, you can easily find the ideal facility to do all this.

Perhaps you will come across a former dog boarding facility that you can remodel and build your own, or perhaps you will come across one on which you can build one from the ground up. 

Check zoning regulations, local laws, and licensing requirements to make sure you can operate your business in a specific location.

Hire Employees

Most boarding kennels recruit a large number of people. Kennel managers, kennel attendants, receptionists, and possibly other service providers (such as groomers or trainers) may be involved in larger operations.

Small kennels may only have a few attendants. All employees should, in any case, have prior experience working with animals, administering medications, and providing general care.

Most kennels provide 24-hour animal supervision, so the facility must be staffed enough to provide this level of service.

Tips For More Effective Management

After you’ve done your homework and determined that starting a dog boarding business is the right decision for you, you can begin to plan out some of the details.

Since a large percentage of new businesses fail because of poor management, it’s a good idea to keep these basic management tips in mind before starting your own company

  • Treat your business as a business you might start doing it because you like dogs, but if you don’t treat it as a business, it won’t be taken seriously.
  • Invest in effective marketing strategies to increase sales and get your company name out there.
  • Don’t overlook opportunities to earn extra money from existing customers – beauty services, toy sales, and so on.)
  • Track everything from the hours you spend on bookkeeping to the money you spend onboarding facility maintenance; Over time, you’ll notice areas where you can improve efficiency.
  • Reinvest in your business – Instead of pocketing your initial profits, you should reinvest them in your business when you first start out.
  • Remember to Save – Set aside a small amount each week to help provide a buffer against disasters and unexpected costs.
  • Hire good people – Being an animal lover shouldn’t be the only criterion – look for people who are responsible and hardworking, and who will work well with your current team.

Do Not Start Without Thinking

It’s unlikely you came up with this idea in the heat of the moment or because you love dogs. (Though it’s possible that you have, and that’s okay too.) Just remember to follow the guidelines below!)

You may have worked in a dog daycare or kennel, and have been inspired to start your own business.

We have our own classroom to teach pet first aid … we have a treatment room where we can offer a variety of animal health services.

If not, this is something that can be extremely beneficial for you as you start your own business, as working in a well-established operation will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience that cannot be bought with money.

If you work in an established boarding or kennel business you will be able to see what works (and what doesn’t) and how you want to operate in your own right.

You will gain valuable experience with a variety of tasks, as well as how to handle various health issues and general maintenance issues that may occur in your own facility.

If you haven’t previously worked as a vet, pet owner, dog walker, or animal shelter employee, or volunteer, doing so may provide you with valuable first-hand experience at another organization’s money before jumping in on your own.

You should also seek out local kennel owner membership groups that can provide you with information and educational opportunities, as well as networking opportunities for the various situations in which you or your facilities may find yourself.

There are great communities where you can find like-minded people who are committed to the same quality of dog breeding concepts, and they can enrich the experience for you and potential customers.

Starting a business isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t something you should do without careful thought and planning.

However, if you believe you have the time financial resources, and motivation to operate a successful dog boarding business, don’t let anything stand in your way!

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