Planning A Trip With Your Dog? Here’s Everything Owners Need To know

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Every pet owner adores their furry friends. That’s why the idea of leaving them to go on a trip- however long or short- can induce stress. Luckily, with pet travel and accommodation options more prevalent than ever, leaving your pet behind can be a thing of the past.

However, taking a pet on holiday with you isn’t as simple as loading them into the car and hitting the open road. Rather, pet owners should undertake research and be armed with provisions.

By taking the time to plan ahead and gather everything from medications to favorite toys, you can effectively Planning A Trip With Your Dog that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Helping you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Planning A Trip With Your Dog

Steps To Take Before You Set off

Before making any travel plans it’s important to take your dog for a health check. This is a key step as your dog will be looked over by a professional who can attest to their physical condition.

A health check will also ensure that your dog has the most up-to-date vaccinations and should they be required, prescriptions. It’s also worth noting that health certifications are a requirement for airline travel.

Once your dog has received a health check, the next step is to assess its behavior. If your dog is easily stressed or frightened, it may not be the best idea to put them in a crate for air travel. Additionally, the motion of the car might also cause them some concern.

If your dog passes the stress test, it’s wise to take them on some test car trips. By doing small trips to the local shops or beach, your dog will get used to riding in the car. Something that will come in handy when completing road trips later down the track.

Making Your Dog Comfortable

While a family holiday presents an opportunity to seek adventure mixed with relaxation, ensuring your dog’s comfort is paramount. While this sounds like a complex task, there are a few simple things owners can do to help their beloved pooch.

Investing in a crate is a great first step. In terms of travel, crates are required for airline transportation while crates also work to keep dogs safe during car rides. When purchasing a crate, make sure there is enough space for your pooch to stand, lie down and turn around.

It’s also important to bring some of your dog’s creature comforts on the trip. This means their food and the associated food and water bowls. Bringing blankets, their bed and also some toys are also a good idea.

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Different Travel Options

In this modern age where companies have updated their practices to include animals, there are virtually endless travel options for dogs. However, it’s important to note that these rules will vary by state and country.

For example, dogs can travel via car. When undertaking this option, owners should plan their route to allow for spots where dogs can exit the car, stretch their legs, and do their personal business.

Dogs can also travel by plane. Each airline will have different procedures that need to be followed. To ensure the most correct information, contact the specific airline to find out what medical certificates your pooch needs and when they will need to be dropped off.

In some states and countries, animals can also travel by train, bus, or boat. As with airline travel, it’s important to research company policy before making any concrete bookings to avoid disappointment.

Planning A Trip With Your Dog

Pet-friendly Accommodation

When it comes to pet-friendly accommodation, owners might opt to find accommodation options through services like Air BnB, or, it might be wise to contact hotels and other providers directly.

Owners should also look at room specifics. Is the room situated near the ground level? This will provide easy access for early morning or late night doggy bathroom breaks. Is the room near the elevator? If so, this might create too much noise for your dog to rest peacefully.

In terms of staying in the actual accommodation, it’s important for owners to remain polite and respectful. This means that you might lay down some towels from home over the floor to prevent doggy accidents from creating permanent damage.

When holidaying with pets, there might be activities that cannot be completed with dogs. This means your pooch will have to stay in the hotel by themselves for a few hours. To prevent barking and also to provide dogs with the company, consider leaving the room’s television on.

Holidaying with your furry friends

What could possibly be better than jetting off on a holiday? Perhaps, being able to go on that holiday with your pet! Owners face a lot of guilt when putting their dogs into boarding or leaving them with a pet sitter.

Rather than worrying about your dog, take them with you! While it may require a little bit of extra research, the end result is well worth it. Plus, while it might sound limiting to travel with a pet, there are loads of adventures that can be enjoyed by humans and animals alike.

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