Top 7 Places You Shouldn’t Bring Your Dog

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One of the best things about owning a dog is that you can take them with you to many places. They seem to enjoy riding in the car with you. If you invest in dog training, then they are usually well disciplined and behaved around other dogs and humans.

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However, there are some places you should avoid bringing your dog, or proceed with caution if you choose to do so. Here are some of the places you should put more thought into before taking your dog along with you.

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Here Are 7 Places You Shouldn’t Bring Your Dog

1. Bars or dance clubs

While many dog owners take their pups to breweries and cideries, you might want to rethink bringing them along to a crowded bar or dance club. Not only is the sheer volume of people present overwhelming for dogs, but the loud music can damage their ears. This could cause your dog to try to run away from you, attempting to escape the things that are making them uncomfortable.

It could also lead to them getting aggressive or behaving abnormally. If you do choose to take your dog to a brewery or space where there are lots of people, make sure to outfit them with a quality dog collar and leash set they can wear to keep them close to you. Bring some treats along as well as a way to encourage them to listen to your commands or keep them sated.

2. Public swimming pools

While beaches, lakes, and rivers might be dog-friendly, many public swimming pools are not. And, even if there’s no sign saying that dogs aren’t allowed, it’s still wise to exercise caution and keep them home when you visit the water park or public pool. Not only could your dog make kids at play nervous, but there are many dangerous things your dog could encounter at the pool.

Whether it’s the hot concrete on the pads of their paws or the jagged edge of the pool, it’s wise to keep your dog safe and at home when you venture to the community pool. If your dog really wants some way to play in the water, you can set up a slip-n-slide or a kiddie pool for your dog to play around in. This is a much safer alternative than visiting a public pool where you might encounter some difficulty.

3. Festivals or Fairs

For the same reasons as avoiding bars or dance clubs, festivals and fairs tend to be more crowded than other places. While it might be tempting to take your pup to farmer’s markets, craft fairs, or even music festivals, it can be very overwhelming for your dog. Plus, they’re more likely to get hurt with people constantly trampling around.

Even though everyone will line up to pet your pup and take lots of pictures, unless you can safely cart them around, it might not be wise to take them with you to a festival or local fair. One of the biggest difficulties of having a dog with you at a festival includes the fact that they could get loose and run away.

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Smells, sounds and even seeing a young child with one of the toys they can win at the different booths can distract even the best-trained dogs and cause them to get loose from your hold. A custom pet tag can really come in handy when you need to hunt for your pup in a large crowd.

Places You Shouldn’t Bring Your Dog: Animal Boarding Near Me
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4. Parades

Just like fairs, festivals, and bars, parades are another place you should avoid taking your dog. Unfortunately, dogs are easily distracted, and asking them to sit in one place for hours while you watch a parade can also make them feel bored. Instead of enjoying the parade, you’ll be focused on ways you can keep hold of your dog.

This isn’t easy for dog owners who want to share everything with their dogs; chances are, you enjoy taking your dog to events with you. However, events with large crowds just aren’t always suitable for pups of any age.

5. Movie theaters

Believe it or not, some dog owners try to take their dogs to movie theaters. And, while most places have clearly marked signs that prohibit you from bringing your dog, not everywhere does.

Movie theaters aren’t great places to take your dog because the noise can be loud, and there’s a lot of carpet or other material your dog could scratch at or have an accident on. Not having easy access to an outdoor area and expecting your dog to sit through a movie for over an hour can, unfortunately, lead to your dog having difficulty holding in its urges. It’s important your dog has easy access to the outdoors or a specific area they can go to relieve themselves, and movie theaters, unfortunately, don’t offer that.

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6. Museums

Museums are full of items that need pristine preservation or are easily breakable. If your dog gets loose, it might run into some of the items and break or damage them. That makes museums a place to add to your “don’t take the dog here” list.

These items are typically important for both cultural and historical records, and if the one thing you can do to help preserve history is left your dog at home when visiting the museum, then it should be something you do without question. As much as we’d love to take our dogs everywhere, the fact remains that we can’t always take them to all the places we want to go.

7. The Zoo

Zoos are full of animals, so taking your dog should be a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Zoos are full of wild animals, and there are often lots of people with young kids. This can be really overwhelming for your dog, and it can even upset the animals at the zoo. Do yourself and your dog a favor and keep them at home when you visit the zoo.

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Taking your dog places is one of the many benefits of owning a dog. However, there are some places you should avoid taking them to in order to keep them safe and healthy. They’ll appreciate it!

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