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We are looking for pet blogs that accept free guest posts. Animal Boarding Near Me is accessible to Pet Blog Write For Us guest post or dog blog write for us.

Looking for Pet Blog Write For Us?

Perhaps you are a pet owner, a pet lover, or work in the field of content marketing or blogging. Many bloggers are still looking for websites that will accept free guest posts about dogs and animals.

List Of Top Trending Dog Topics to Write About

What is the difference between a regular pet blog and a pet care website that you want to visit again and again?

“I really love pets. They’re like children. They know if you really love them or not. You can’t fool them.” – Donna Douglas

Animal Boarding Near Me is now accepting only paid posts only quality content animal blogs or guest posts.

Pet Blog Write For Us | Pet Supplies Unlimited

If you follow the guidelines and are free of plagiarism, we can post your content for free. If you’re an animal blogger, a representative for a pet-related company, or enjoy writing about animals, you can signup and submit a post. It will be available in less than 24 hours. Make sure you are not republishing the same content anywhere.

Editorial Policy

Animal Boarding’s editorial team reserves the right to decline or remove any guest blogs that violate the following editorial policies. If you would like to discuss a policy, contact us here.

New Topics

Make sure your topic is not covered yet. You can use the search field below to see if your case is covered.


Content must be unique and 100% Copyscape. We do not allow content to be resubmitted or spin-off.

Blog Post Lengths

  • We are expecting an 800 to 3000 words post. preferably
  • Longer and deeper positions are more likely to be chosen for featured posts.

Quotes, Links, and Relationships

  • Your post should be divided into short paragraphs with at least 2 subheadings.
  • A maximum of 2 links is allowed, and other links will remove. Otherwise, your content may reject. If you add more than 2 links for reference or statistics, please make sure that it can only be Wikipedia, Forbes, magazines, or trusted sources.
  • Add at least 3 tags, select only 1 category, and submit. Usually, we post content within 6 hours.
  • Once your content is live, share it on your social media.

SEO Best Practices

  • Text formatting like a bulleted list, header, bolding, etc.
  • Alt tag for any image used in a blog post
  • Meta description of 155 characters.


  • At least 1 relevant feature image of 1200px by 500px is required.
  • Image not exceeding 99 KB.
  • don’t forget alt tag
  • If you want to use royalty-free images, add image credits and a link to that source.

Write And Submit Your Author Bio/Profile.

When you create an author profile with us, please include the following details:

  • Biographical information will include in every post on Animal Boarding Near Me. It should be short and informative, such as who you are and why you are essential.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Medium, YouTube, and other social media platforms
  • That will help you tag you on the web.
  • Your role and URL, and the name of your company and website.
  • A portrait photograph with a size of 200 x 200 pixels

Every article we write will instruct our readers how to do at least one of the following.

  • cat care
  • pick up dog
  • cat education
  • training for dogs
  • Tips for Dogs and Cats
  • Breeder Reviews for Dogs and Cats
  • The cost of dog and cat breeds varies.

You can write about any animal topic you want in Animal Boarding Near Me. You should also check whether we like the keywords you plan to use by reading articles that have already been published on our platform.

Are You Ready To Pet Blog Write For Us?

So, are you ready to write for us following the above guidelines? Just share your thoughts with our editorial team and previous work examples; please visit

Submit Guest Post Now


Be sure to add the word “guest post” to the subject. Otherwise, the email will ignore by CRM.

Publishing as a guest blogger can help you grow your business, increase your popularity, bring you headlines, attract new readers, and boost your social credentials, among other benefits. For free guest posting, Animal Boarding Near Me is the most popular pet blog website in the United States.

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet new people, expand your knowledge and gain confidence in the blogging world by connecting with other bloggers. We have compiled a list of websites to submit your guest posts to help you get started.

Why Should You Write a Blog for a Pet Care Website?

The pet industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Other services include pet stores, dog and cat stores, boarding, “pet hotels,” pet trainers, groomers, veterinarians, and dog walkers. Most people value their pets and animals, so if you work in the pet industry in any capacity, you are dealing with thousands of potential clients.

However, you’ll need to help connect with those customers and persuade them to use your service; where do pet supplies come in?

Importance Of Pet Content For Businesses or Bloggers

If you want to improve your search engine rankings, you should add as many content pages as possible to ensure that you become the go-to resource for the local pet owner. By adding unique and exciting pet content, you will be able to:

  • Conduct local searches to increase the number of leads generated.
  • Make a name for yourself as an expert in the field of pets.
  • Keep your customers and potential customers’ interest in your company alive.
  • Create content for newsletters that will be useful.
  • Improve your public image as well as the health of your pet.
  • It doesn’t matter whether the material is for dogs, cats, or birds.
  • If it’s pet content, it can add real value to your website and help you improve your long-term marketing strategies.
  • Add it to your blog, write long, informative articles with it, and more.
  • Adding that content will significantly benefit both you and your customers.

The following list of the most popular dog blogs that accept guest posts on pets for free.

Kennel Near Me

Send personal stories, pet-friendly activities, or articles about traveling with pets to review for a guest post. Your report will be moderately edited and formatted if necessary to fit the style of the blog. See the Guest Posting Guidelines for more information, and if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us via the contact form.


Pet Blog Write For Us: There are a few different ways to write a guest post on pets. Check out some previously published articles to understand what the site is looking for and what it already contains. Send your questions as a Word document when you’re ready, but make sure you’ve read the directions first.

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Are you a veterinarian, animal expert, pet lover, or dog trainer? See Guidelines for Submitting Guest Posts on this site for more information. When you’re ready, save your article as a Word document or send it as an email attachment.

Go Pet Friendly

Personal stories, pet-friendly activities, and articles about traveling with pets are all welcome. If necessary, your essay will be highly edited and formatted to fit the style of the blog. See the guest posting guidelines for more information, and contact us via the contact form if you have any questions or concerns.


Please take a look at the blog to get an understanding of the writing style and tone. The content may be about pets, horses, livestock, and animal welfare. Please send your submission, but write our questions first and respond to them in your email.

Animal Bliss

Write articles about animals and pet care that are well-researched and detailed. Guest post guidelines include a checklist of what you should include in your submission and other helpful information. To submit, send your complete article to the address below.

Fidose of Reality

Dog lovers, dog moms, and dads make up the audience. Check out the blog to get familiar with the tone and style of writing. Pitch only original topics that have not been published elsewhere. Send your thoughts in the body of the email. More information can be found in the guidelines.

Kol’s Notes

Write about dog treats, recipes, and — or lack of the same — dog training. To understand the style of the articles published here, read some of the material. Please send your pitch via email, but be sure to read the guest posting guidelines first.

HavaHart Wireless

Please fill out the form on the Simple Guidelines page to submit your guest post. Your application will consider. If you selected to guest post on this site, you would contact.

3 Million Dogs

It would help if you had a basic understanding of using WordPress. It would be best if you also enjoyed writing about your passion for dogs. Send an email containing two published articles or a link to two blog posts you wrote. Click here to access quick instructions.

3 Boys And A Dog

Although this blog has a pet section, they are looking for guest posts for the kid’s crafts section. That applies to both farm and marine animals. Here is the craft section for you to read. To submit, fill out the form on the guidelines page.


Browse the categories to see what was previously displayed. Send samples of past work and provide your topic ideas via email. First, here is the guest post guide.

Schnauzers Rule

Read some of the dog articles, tips, and other information on the guidelines page to get started. Consider submitting original, unusual articles that haven’t covered before. Fill out the form on this page to submit your article for review.

Pet Problems Solved

Issues, informative pieces, or exciting observations about pets or pet owners are favorite topics. Read the guidelines carefully and understand the types of articles that will not accept. When you’re ready, could you send us your article ideas via email?

Heads Up For Tails

Check for spelling errors before submitting an original post that hasn’t Posted on elsewhere. To make reading more accessible, please use paragraph breaks and capitalization. Send your article to revise via email. To get started, visit the Write for Us page for more information.

Dogs Monthly

Would you please follow guest post submission guidelines as all submissions moderate? Remember to include an image with your post (you must have the copyright or provide an image credit). Fill out the form on the Guidelines page to submit your details, including terms and conditions.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Before you start writing, email your proposed topic and expertise to save time for both parties. This website dedicates to pet health and insurance. As a result, you must have prior experience as a veterinary technician or veterinarian. Before you begin, review the guidelines for more information.

Untrained Housewife

There is a section for pets on this community blog. To get started, create an account. To understand what the site is about, read the short manifesto. Also, please fill out the form with some information about yourself on the Write for us page.

One Green Planet

That is an example of the different types of posts published on this blog. Follow these guidelines for submitting your article to increase your chances of being accepted. Submission guidelines can establish on the Write for Us page.


Analyze previously published suggestions to get an understanding of your writing style. For instructions on how to write your tip, visit the Guest Posts page. The minimum word count for published tips is 50. Use the form on the Guidelines page to submit your work. From your author bio, you will be able to link to your blog or website.


Read previous posts and browse the most popular topics to find out what works on this blog. Your guest article requirements can build on the Guest Post Guidelines page. To submit your article, send it in a Word document to the email address listed on the Guidelines page. From your author bio, you will allow two backlinks to your blog.


For more information on how to write and format your guest post, see Guest Post Guidelines. To submit, fill the form on the submission page. On this blog, priority gives to list articles.


Visit the Guest Posts page for information on formatting, your posts, and what types of articles are accepted. To submit your article, use the email address on that page to send it to the editor. From your author bio, you will have a backlink to your blog. News articles work well on this blog.


Look to previously published articles for inspiration and tips on how to write your own. Submit your Guest Post using the form on the Guest Post Submission page. The tutorials and how-to articles on this blog work well.


Before writing your content, read blog articles and previous guest posts. Visit the Guest Post Submission page and fill the form here to submit your article. You will provide an author bio.

Embrace pet insurance

To understand writing style, look at blogs and popular categories. For ideas on what to write about, visit the Guest Posts page. The blog posts articles based on that month’s theme, so keep that in mind. Send your pitch to the address listed on that page’s email address. You will be able to link to your website in both the author’s bio and body. Knowledge of medicine is beneficial.


Visit the Guest Posts page and read the blog articles. Fill out the form on the Guidelines page to submit your article, and be sure to include your email address at the top. From your author life, you will link to relevant websites and have a backlink in your blog.


For directions, check out the archives or visit the Guest Posts page. To submit, use the form on that page to send your pitch. The training and inspirational articles work well on this blog.


Before you come up with a guest post idea:

  1. Check out the archives and previous guest posts.
  2. Fill out and submit the contact form on the Contact page to pitch your guest post idea.
  3. Make sure you select “Guest Posting” from the drop-down menu of the contact form.


You can find detailed information on contributing to this blog on the “Write for Us” page. Before you can contribute, you must be a registered user and follow the community. To submit your article, fill out the Write for our page form and send it to Angela.


Read the blog’s content to understand the writing style—details on contributor requirements found in the Guidelines on the Guest Post Submissions page. To submit a pitch, visit the Contact page and fill out the form. In your 75-word author bio, you will give credit for your article.


For more information on what to write and the type of audience you’re writing for, visit the Writers’ Guidelines page. To submit a guest article, send a pitch to Ali, the editor. Before you can contribute, you must be a member of the community. To create an account, visit the Get Published page.


Read the content of the blog and then visit the Write for us page for more information. To submit an article, go to the contact page and fill out the form. Your article will be accepted.


For instructions on how to write your article, visit the Guest Posts page. To submit, use the contact form on the Contact page to send your article. Your essay will be credited to you in your byline with a link to your website.


Check out the blog’s writing style and visit the Write for Us page to submit information. Before you start writing your article, refer to the guidelines on the Guidelines page. Send it to the email address on the page or the Divine Carolyn, a Sister site, to submit an article.

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How To Choose of a Good Theme for a Dog Article and How to Write It

Choose Trending Topics: This is the first and most crucial step. Find trending topics and related keywords to get published on famous dog or pet blogging sites. Pet accessories, pet care, treatments, hair growing tips, dog potty training, dog boarding, pregnancy, etc., are all possible topics.

Title: Your title should be more closely related to the content of your body.

Body Content: It should be descriptive and informative so that visitors can clearly understand the information they are reading. Most of your visitors are looking for advice on how to care for your pet. As a result, write informative rather than promotional materials.

Length: Most pet blogging sites favor long, high-quality pet articles. It is better to write an essay that is between 1500 to 2500 words long. It allows readers to delve deeper into the topic as well as understand the information they seek.

Add Citation Links – Depending on your article; you can include relevant links. More material will be available for readers to read and refer to. Also, have a link to an existing article on the blog that is relevant.

Images: Images can help make the article more exciting and forgiving. The theme with relevant images is fun to read.

Please get in touch and tell us about your writing experience and ideas. We’d love to see what you can do and whether you’d like to write for us. Please contact – animalboardingnearme@gmail.com

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