Moyen Poodle: Dog Breed Characteristics, Training, Grooming

Moyen means “medium” in French. The Moyen Poodle is the fourth size of the poodle. Their size is between miniature and standard poodles. It is also known as “Klein Poodles.” A standard Poodle and a miniature Poodle can be bred to produce Moyen Poodle puppies.

This fourth-size poodle is recognized by FCI registries all over the world. The American AKC and UKC do not now accept the medium size as a fourth size. Additionally, neither the CKC nor the KC of the UK nor Canada recognizes medium poodles. 

Basic Dog Training Tips For Beginners

Moyen poodles are entertaining to compete with in AKC performance sports. The majority are too big to compete in tiny conformation shows and too small to be competitive when exhibiting against standards. For competition groomers, the medium-sized Moyen poodle is ideal. 

Moyen Poodle: Animal Boarding Near Me



The Moyen inherits the intellect and perceptiveness of its parents, much like all other Poodle breed members. Additionally, they have some agility and flexibility training tucked in there. As a result, they are quickly disciplined and trained.

This dog’s demeanor and temperament are controlled by how big it is. In comparison to toys or miniatures, they are stronger and more durable. This means they are more resistant to the unintentional roughhousing they may encounter from children in a family setting.

Before acquiring a dog, you should take into consideration these crucial qualities, which is why the Moyen Poodle is on top. Because of their smaller size compared to the much bigger Standard Poodles, they are less likely to tip over or hurt kids.


A healthy Moyen Poodle will live between 12 – 15 years.

Weight & Height

Moyen poodles are in the middle of the range, weighing between 25 and 30 pounds and standing between 15 and 20 inches tall.

Barking level

Moyen poodles are moderate barkers. If excessive barking in dogs irritates you, the Moyen is not one of them. Poodles aren’t particularly vocal animals by nature. They are regarded as moderate barkers because they only do so when something is wrong. The canine will sound the alarm when necessary but will not go overboard. It is an alert and clever breed.

Easy to train

The Moyen Poodle is adaptable in terms of training and personality. You may easily change their behavior to fit a pattern you prefer because of this. Generally speaking, poodles are eager to please their owners. This helps them adjust to whatever purpose you train them for.

They pick up all the techniques and are aware of all the expectations over time. They will be aware of where to eat, rest, go potty, and play. Making the routine enjoyable and cheery is essential when instructing kids. The Moyen Poodle must be trained with consistency.

Coat & Color

Moyen poodles are available in all the same shades as other poodles. A Moyan Poodle may be multicolored or have a coat that is one continuous hue. The real coat colors, however, are typically the ones listed below.

Coat color may include:

  • Grey
  • Apricot
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Silver Beige


They are also hypoallergenic; a Moyen Poodle’s curly coat traps any hair that might otherwise fall to the floor. Their hair may need to be brushed to straighten out the thick mats that can occasionally result from this.

The coat of a Moyen Poodle also benefits its owners by easing the suffering of those with hair allergies. The fact that Moyen Poodles shed less makes them a fantastic choice for those who have allergies.

Moyen Poodle Training

Obedience training

One of the most fundamental and significant dog training techniques is this one. Obedience training is crucial because this dog breed tends to be somewhat aggressive. Start your dog’s basic obedience training with a few straightforward instructions like “come,” “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” and “down.”

For instance, hold the treat an inch in front of the dog’s nose to teach her to sit if you learn the “sit” command. Next, slowly raise the treat above her head. She is compelled to sit down by this move.

Learn basic commands first. Teach your dog another command once they have mastered the first. It’s time to give him praise when he behaves correctly.

As a way to please your Moyen poodle, be sure to keep lots of snacks on hand. Obedience training needs a great deal of effort and time.

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Crate Training

Additionally, crate training can help your puppy learn beneficial behaviors, lessen separation anxiety, and avoid swallowing any toxic substances when you are not around. Using a crate that gives your Moyen poodle puppy just enough area to turn around and lie down is one of the finest ways to go about this process.

Your dog’s crate should be filled with comfortable bedding and a few toys. For the safety and well-being of a puppy, crate training is a fantastic method. Crate training is one of the most important things you can do for your new puppy.

Stop Biting

None of the puppies are biting. However, they bite when it seems unsafe. When their teeth finally develop, they begin to feel discomfort. If the biting gets out of hand, you’ll need to be forced into taking action. Puppies have a high chance of biting.

When your puppy bites you, take your hand back again and yell “Ouch” or “No” out loud. Give them any chewable plush toys you have. You might quit biting dogs if you get this dog.

Stop Barking

As we know, Moyen poodles don’t yell a lot. When something moves swiftly, such as a bicycle, skateboard, or another similar object, they will occasionally bark at it. Barking may occasionally be used to greet strangers. If they’re bored, they’ll bark. Give your dog the “stop” command.

Be patient and wait until your dog stops barking. Praise him and give him a treat when he eventually stops. Repeating this procedure will assist your dog in making the connection between the command, the action, and the reward. Ignore them while they’re barking. Instead, be sure to partake in a range of thought-provoking activities.

Potty training

For them, potty training is extremely important. He won’t understand what you mean when you say “Go potty” for at least a week or more. Therefore, pick a term that is simple to recall rather than anything arbitrary that you might overlook.

Your dog will start to comprehend the meaning of this sentence after hearing it from you repeatedly for a few weeks. Maintain him there for fifteen minutes or until he uses the restroom, whichever comes first. Additionally, you must take your dog on a consistent potty break. After a meal, some drinks, a wink, and some playing, let them go into the bathroom.

Grooming Needs

It is important that you know all the Taking Care tips for Moyen Poodle.

  • To get rid of mats, tangles, and knots, thoroughly and attentively brush your Moyen poodle puppy each day.
  • Bathe only when absolutely necessary because it removes the natural oils from the skin. Use shampoo and conditioner to give your Bathe Black Moyen Poodle a thorough bath and rinse.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner to give your Bathe Black Moyen Poodle a thorough bath and rinse.
  • After their bath, dry them with a towel or a hair dryer.
  • When washing their eyes and ears, use caution.
  • With a typical nail trimmer, their toenails should be trimmed.
  • Use toothpaste designed for dogs to brush your teeth.
  • If you think it’s essential, clip their hair.


How much food the Moyen poodle need depends upon age and activity level.

Under 3 months: While it is best to keep your poodle on a feeding schedule, puppies as young as 3 months old thrive when allowed to graze freely. Despite the fact that you will always have food out, it is crucial that it be fresh. To prevent stale food from becoming stuck at the bottom of the dish, rinse and wipe the bowl as needed rather than simply topping it off throughout the day.

Puppy: Poodles of all breeds should begin eating three meals and two snacks per day after three months.

Adult: When a puppy reaches adulthood, it’s not necessary to start feeding them just one meal per day. Smaller dogs, like toy poodles and miniatures, can benefit from having two or even three meals per day. However, many people can also benefit from having food divided into two portions. Standards have a little more tolerance for a single dinnertime feeding.

Senior Poodle: Due to their slower metabolisms and decreased movement, senior poodles often need fewer calories, around 40 calories per pound.

Moyen poodle dog

Health Problems

Although the Moyen poodle dog is mostly healthy, some health issues can occur. They might be more susceptible to significant issues like progressive retinal atrophy, trichiasis, epilepsy, Legg-Perthes disease, patellar luxation, etc. than minor issues like entropion, distichiasis, cataract, glaucoma, and lacrimal duct atresia.

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Visit your veterinarian as soon as possible to prevent any health problems. Moyen poodles need to get a complete physical examination at least once every year, just like all canines. How frequently you take your dog to the vet will depend on his age and general health.

I hope you get the correct information about Moyen’s poodle.

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