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Best Animal Boarding Services In London

As we all know, London is a pet-friendly city, and Londoners usually welcome dogs, cats, and even ferrets. This is a great city for pet parents. There is no shortage of pet activities, pet-friendly cafes and restaurants, sports parks, and kennel services for sending pets when going out. There is no shortage.

Dogs and cats can become distressed when their families are away, so choosing the best kennel services can help them feel more at ease.

Before making a reservation, visit the facility to make sure it is clean, comfortable, and tidy and that the staff is true animal lovers.

Ask if the staff is prepared for emergencies, if there is a veterinarian on call, and if the dogs and cats have access to scratch posts and toys.

There are 50+ Animal Boarding in London but we have listed the Top Animal Boarding Near Me in London

Below is the best and affordable animal boarding near me in London. Your Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter, and Dog Walker in London.

  • Elmtree Pet Hotel
  • Rodent Ranch
  • Pets in the City
  • Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats
  • Dog Daddies
  • WhileYoureAwayYPwP
  • Elmtree Doggy Day Care
  • Goddard Veterinary Group

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel – 8 Cooks Hole Road, London, EN2 0UD

The Elmtree Pet Hotel in North London is a luxurious facility that has created a great environment for your pet. The boarding facility, which is situated on a four-acre plot, provides ample space for exercise, games, and relaxation.

During your dog’s stay, he will be entertained by an indoor gymnasium with agility courses, each kennel has leisure and sleeping areas, and each dog has a fully covered exercise area and a quiet place to rest Is.

Elmtree also has a Feline Advisory Bureau listed cattery with 30 suites dedicated to your feline friends. Suites are temperature controlled, have sleeping and resting areas, and a private, fully enclosed exercise area for cats to play in. Prices start at £30 per day for dogs and £22 per day for cats.

The Rodent Ranch – The Rodent Ranch Ltd Margaret Road, Barnet, EN4 9NT

The Rodent Ranch is a small, family-run pet boarding hotel in Barnet, north London, a short walk from New Barnet station. We have been in business since 2014, and we are proud of our friendly, caring, and personal service that puts your pet’s happiness and safety first.


  • Guinea Pig Boarding
  • Hamster Boarding
  • Rat Boarding
  • Rabbit Boarding
  • Hedgehog Boarding
  • Bird Boarding

Health and Hygiene 

They place a high value on good pet hygiene. The hutch is thoroughly cleaned every few days and in between uses. Between uses, all water bottles and bowls are sterilized and cleaned. The cages are thoroughly cleaned both during and after your pet’s stay.

Pets in the City – 75 St Helen’s Gardens London W10 6LL

Pets in the City understands how stressful it is to have your dog separated from you and strives to provide a safe haven for your pet. This is a cage-free and kennel-free facility where all dogs live indoors as family members.

There are two facilities, each of which can accommodate one to three dogs at a time. Only socialized and vaccinated dogs are allowed on the premises where they are fed a hearty meal and taken on a long hike through the countryside.

Since pets in the city only board a few dogs at a time it’s best to make reservations ahead of time. This dog-only kennel is ideal for owners looking for a lead-free and kennel-free boarding experience similar to their home.

Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats – 33 Connaught Road, London, E11 4AB

The Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats is a service that provides pet parents with a home-like environment instead of a kennel for their pets.

Happy Hounds has a network of home boarders who will welcome your cat or dog into their home and care for them. if they were a member of your family until you return from your trip.

Before booking, owners can meet pet-loving boarders, and all boarders are thoroughly selected and insured.

The majority of home boarding facilities have secure gardens, and your pet’s daily routine will be followed exactly as planned with regular updates on how your pet is doing.

Happy Hounds offers service throughout London and Home Counties. The cost of dog-sitting starts at £25 per day, while the cost of cat-sitting starts at £12 per day.

Dog Daddies – Notting Hill (West London)

Dog Daddies is a dog daycare and boarding facility that picks up and drops dogs in Notting Hill and the surrounding areas of London. It’s on a small rural farm just outside of London.

The farm is ideal for pet exercise because it has safe areas where your dog can run around and play. Pets are allowed in the family home, can relax wherever they want. Dogs can play in the ball pit, trampoline, and paddling pool, and hypoallergenic food is available for an additional fee.

Prices start at £50 per day, with discounts available for longer stays.

WhileYoureAwayYPwP – Wandsworth SW18 United Kingdom

Your pet will play while you are away; all creatures, small and large, welcome and be loved. We have had animals of all shapes and sizes with us over the years.

Each walk/adventure/stay is tailored to your pet’s specific needs. So is it a Chihuahua that needs seven walks a day and needs to be fed with someone in the same room, a sweet old lab who loves nothing more than to be brushed in his comfy bed, or a pair of rabbits? Those who need to go twice a day for a good run around the garden will get it. That is what we enjoy! Every walk, stay or visit is exciting, and we love to see your pet relaxed and happy.

English and Spanish are the primary languages ​​spoken at home. That is especially useful when caring for animals whose mother and father have taught them specific languages. If your dog speaks a different language, I enjoy learning commands you understand in your pet’s mother tongue: so far, we have dogs from Spain, France, Turkey, and Poland, as well as an Italian guinea pig Is.

We spend our days playing, walking, exploring, hugging, and brushing our teeth. They in South West London are lucky to have so many green spaces to walk our dogs; They often visit Clapham Common, Battersea Park, Wimbledon Park, Bishop Park, South Park, Spencer Park, Wandsworth Common, Garrett Park, and Wimbledon Common, among others.

Elmtree Doggy Day Care – Burnt Farm Ride North London Enfield EN2 9DY United Kingdom

Do you want to learn how to train your dog or puppy in London, Hertfordshire, or Essex? Happy Dogs Training continues, owned by Lynn Wilson and based at Elmtree Canine Country Club on the outskirts of Enfield and Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire/North London.

Happy Dogs Training has extensive and varied dog and puppy training classes available on weekends and evenings. Their instructors attend seminars and courses regularly to ensure that they provide the most up-to-date training methods in all areas. Dog and puppy training is essential for your pet; They need regular mental and physical stimulation, and attending classes allows you and your dog to learn new skills and meet new people.

All dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their dog is socially acceptable, and they should start by teaching you the fundamentals. It’s up to you where you take your dog from there – a well-trained dog can be a lot of fun.

Goddard Veterinary Group – 160 Chingford Mount Road London E4 9BS United Kingdom

Goddard Veterinary Group found in 1952 by Arthur Goddard and has become the UK’s largest family-owned veterinary group, led by his son Philip.

They now have 44 branches and three significant hospitals throughout Greater London, making us available to you and your pet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your pet’s medical history is available at any time of day or night at any of our branches or hospitals for your peace of mind and continuity of care.

CITY PAWS CLUB – 42 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15 1JP

The first activity center dedicated to dogs and their humans is the City Pause Club. Their goal is to return the urban dog to its natural habitat, just as nature intended. City Pause Club provides the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs to stay happy and healthy. They can meet any needs your dog may have, and their expert caregivers will guide you through the process.

GREEN LANE FARM BOARDING KENNELS – Green Lane, Chessington, London KT9 2DS

Green Lane Farms Boarding Kennel is a family-owned and operated boarding kennel that serves Chessington, Kingston, and Surrey. Green Lane has cared for dogs, ducks, rabbits, turtles, and other animals for more than 50 years. They have the necessary housing and resources to provide excellent dog care. They work hard to take the best care of your beloved pet and create a relaxed, friendly environment. Green Lane Farms Boarding Kennel offers a convenient pick-up and drop-off service.

Summing Up

London has a lot to offer whether you want to board your pet in a kennel or use a home-boarding service.

Most London pet boarding facilities only accept reservations from fully vaccinated pets and an anti-flea and deworming treatment before boarding your dog or cat.

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