6 Products You’ll Need To Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

If you’re like most pet parents, you may be looking forward to the warm summer months when you can engage in many outdoor activities with your beloved canine. However, the hot weather can be uncomfortable for dogs, even downright dangerous at times.

Dogs lack the ubiquitous sweat glands found in humans. They regulate temperature by panting and releasing heat through their nose and paw pads, which means that they can’t cool down quickly. They are more likely to overheat as a result, which increases the risk of heat-related illnesses like heat stroke.

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To prevent your pup from overheating, you can use certain products to effectively cool your precious pup down. For more information on these useful items, continue reading below:

Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Here Are 6 Products Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

A Doggie Bandana

Many dog owners use customizable branded dog bandanas to help make their pups stand out and easier to distinguish from other canines. Additionally, you can use this pet accessory to provide comfort and coolness for your furry friend this summer.

Simply soak the bandana in water and squeeze out the extra moisture. Then, put the wet bandana in the fridge for 10 minutes or until the bandana is cool. Once you’re satisfied with the bandana’s temperature, you can fasten it around your pup’s neck to help them stay cool. Remember to position the larger part of the bandana on your pet’s torso for optimal cooling.

A Cooling Mat

If you want to give your pet a dedicated place for cooling down, line the floor with a cooling mat. This product looks similar to a potty training pad. Instead of absorbing dog pee, though, a cooling mat is designed to gradually absorb the heat from your pup’s body.

While there are a lot of different kinds of cooling pet pads available today, the most popular type is made with nontoxic cooling gels. The gels are activated and begin to lower your dog’s body temperature once they lie down on the cooling mat. Since this kind of pet cooling mat is pressure-activated, it recharges once your pet gets up and off the mat.

A Portable Pet Water Dispenser

Keep your dog hydrated, especially in the summer. To make sure they have access to clean water wherever you take them, get them a portable water dispenser.

This product is comprised of a leak-proof water bottle and an attached foldable water bowl. Since it is made of two complementary products rolled into one item, it’s easy to carry around and use. Also, the product can be operated with just one hand. Simply flip down the bowl and the water will automatically be dispensed, letting your dog access the drink.

A Couple of Protective Booties

As the temperature rises, you can also expect the surface you and your pet will be walking on to be quite hot. Whether you’re taking your furry friend for a walk around the neighborhood or a fun time at the beach, make sure they wear some dog shoes or booties. This special dog product allows your pup to walk comfortably without burning its paws from the ground’s high temperature. It also serves as a layer of protection against sharp objects that can injure your pup’s paws.

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A Dog Brush

Aside from giving your pup frequent baths, grooming them regularly using a dog brush can help keep them cool. While this applies to most dog breeds, it’s most effective for canines with long and thick coats. Your pet’s coat can act as insulation, which can make them feel extra hot during summer. 

By brushing out your pet’s fur, you remove excess hair and some of its undercoat. This can make a huge difference when it comes to allowing air to circulate on your pup’s skin, cooling them down. So, make sure to put a doggie brush on your list of must-buy summer supplies.

A Doggie Wading Pool

Similar to humans, dogs find relief in taking a refreshing dip in the water during the summer. While taking a trip to the beach or lake would be ideal, you can still allow your pup to cool down at home in a doggie-wading pool.

Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Unlike inflatable kiddie pools, which are made out of materials that your dog can easily puncture with their nails and teeth, doggie wading pools are portable swimming pools that are specially designed for canines. These pools are made from durable PVC materials, which means this product can withstand your four-legged pal’s claws and rough play style.

Many pet parents look forward to summer so that they can engage in different fun outdoor activities with their beloved canine pals. However, playing under the scorching sun can be uncomfortable for dogs.

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Fortunately, you can take steps to actively protect your pet from the harmful effects of excess heat. By letting your pup use any of these doggie products, you can keep them cool throughout the summer months.

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