How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Dog At Home?

Is your dog pregnant, and you don’t have any knowledge about how to take care of your pregnant dog? Caring is the most important thing for the pet animal, especially when, your dog is pregnant.

Sometimes when we go outside, we leave our dog alone in the home, so in this condition, don’t make the mistake of leaving your pregnant dog alone in the house because anything can happen in your absence.

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Usually, when we have pets, especially dogs, we do not give them proper attention; we think that food is enough for them, but it’s not true. After reading this post, you will get enough knowledge about how to take care of your pregnant dog at your home without going to any hospital, but you will need to get in touch with a dog’s doctor.

How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Dog At Home

How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Dog At Home?

Treatments For Pregnant Dogs

Vaccination is an essential thing when we talk about treatments for pregnant dogs. You never be administered to home parasites and worms without consulting a veterinarian. There are many treatments for pregnant dogs.

But first I recommend you avoid supplements and medications because they harm the pregnant dog and the unborn puppies. Internal and external parasites like fleas and roundworms require proper treatments. So in that case, it is essential to contact the veterinarian, as you do not want to enclose the parasites at birth and the puppies.

Some pregnant dogs’ treatments are acceptable, such as heartworm prevention treatments. All heartworm treatments are not dangerous for pregnant dogs. Several types of hookworm and roundworm medications are essential to save newborn puppies.

On the other hand, all flea treatments are also not safe for pregnant dogs. However, only Revolution flea and Cap star treatments are safe specifically for pregnant dogs.

Exercise For Pregnant Dogs

Exercise for pregnant dogs is good for the dog’s health. But do not add pressure and stress to the pregnant dog’s condition by taking her to dog shows or performing the proper training. During pregnancy, all pregnant mothers absorb so much pain; the means of a dog’s pregnancy is cool, calm, and non-strenuous activity and exercise.

A regular balanced diet, short step walks, and some small play are good for attention and are all practices for pregnant dogs. Don’t be so much over-stimulated for the pregnant dog; this thing makes her lazy.

During the last three weeks of the dog pregnancy cycle, you must be separated your pregnant dog from the other dogs and animals. Indoor exercise is preferable for pregnant dogs instead of outdoor walks during this period.

The ability will secure her from illnesses and contracting parasites that cannot be good for her and her puppy’s health. Another reason the exercise for pregnant dogs must be complete before the last three weeks is that the time is crucial for her, and the possibility of a severe illness can affect stillborn puppies and canine herpes.

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Feeding A Pregnant Dog

Knowing which brand or company products you feed your dog would be best. Ensure that the food must be passed and satisfied by an AAFCO feeding test. Check the label and read that AAFCO is the company that cleared all the animal food and their manufacturing and approved the complete and balanced nutrition according to the rules and regulations.

Feed a proper amount of the best-quality authorized dog food during the period of the first four weeks of pregnancy. Pet grocery stores commonly sell the best quality and official dog foods. These foods are commercially proven, their quality is accurate, and all the nutrients are available correctly. Giving homemade foods to your dog should be avoided because the proper and balanced nutrients are not necessarily available in the homemade foods. 

Don’t give any supplement to your dog’s food with meats, vitamins, and minerals. Do not give any additional calcium or accessory; you think that these other supplements are required, but do not give any additional supplement or calcium to your dog.

Additional supplements are not good and damage your dog’s internal energy. And reduce the inner calcium-making power that makes your dog’s immune strong if you give original branded and quality approved food to your dog so that everything is best and comfortable for her. 

Proper Nutrition

One of the essential things you can do for your pregnant dog is to ensure that she must receive proper diet and nutrition. If your dog is already taking the best quality dog food and she is at a healthy weight, so don’t worry about her health. And not make any changes to her diet during the first two-thirds weeks of her pregnancy if your veterinarian directs her condition.

One more thing, increasing the amount of food and nutrition is harmful to her health. As her weight increases in the last weeks of her pregnancy, the doctors and veterinarians recommend increasing her food according to the situation and gradually until she gets more 35-to-50 percent more than usual. The weight will grow slowly, so feed her minor in the beginning, the balanced meal is excellent, and large meals can cause discomfort.

Preparing To Breed A Dog

Make sure your dog has a good breeding line; if your dog has pure one-line bread, it may be possible that the puppies are also of pure breed. Before you breed, your dog must be given a veterinarian examination test to check the risk of passing a genetic disease to the puppies.

Heritable diseases can affect the joints, teeth, heart, bones, blood cells, skin, kidneys, nervous system (brain and spinal cord), liver, reproductive organs, digestive tract, and immune system. Along with all this, don’t forget to give proper nutrition, care, exercise, and check after two weeks veterinarian.

Providing A Whelping Box

The whelping box is a safe and secure place or “den” to deliver her puppies comfortably. It buildup of a soft bed area and is surrounded by smooth high walls. You can also add one firm plastic or plywood or buy an already readymade box.

The whelping box must be large enough where your dog is to fully stretch out and still have broad space for all of the puppies. Ensure that the walls are high enough and secure from the puppies from climbing out, but also feasible and short enough for their mother that she can leave quickly with no hurdle. If you don’t provide a whelping box, your dog will choose her less-than-desirable location. But must provide, buy or make a whelping box.

Make the comfortable whelping box for your dog and her puppies. Draw a line from the bottom of the box with towels and soft cloths. Change and clean the towels after the puppies arrive. Lining with newspaper from the box is not the best idea because it is not warm. Instead, place the container in the home. You can set the box where you can easily access it; it must be in a private location.

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If your dog is pregnant, this situation is critical, but don’t panic. In addition, don’t go to all other doctors; go to one doctor, and make their all treatments from the same doctor. In this condition, care for your dog more, give your total concentration and make their routine give exercise and this period will not be completed comfortably and easily until you don’t care about them like a baby. I hope this post has answered all the questions regarding pregnant dogs.

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