How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer | How To Keep Dogs Cool

The rapidly rising temperatures in the past few weeks have greatly affected the health and well-being of many humans and pets in the UK

With this extreme heat wave that we have been going through, we are sure you’re wondering what to do when your dog is in heat.

While some dogs love heat, there are many who don’t and can’t endure heat as much as humans can. 

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Therefore it is very essential to look for the most efficient ways to keep your dogs cool in the summer in an attempt to keep them safe and healthy.

In this article, we bring you a few simple tips that can help you do exactly that, so let’s take a look and what these tips are and how they can help.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Top 7 Ways How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

1. Use Eco-Friendly Air to Water Pumps for Cooling

The best part about using air-to-water pumps is that not only do they provide cooling during summers but also heating doing winters.

Moreover, they are much more eco-friendly and energy efficient than air conditioners and emit absolutely no carbon emissions. 

What’s more, with the UK Government’s new boiler upgrade scheme, you can easily get vouchers worth £5,000 for the purchase of a new air-to-water pump.

2. Clip All the Extra Fur

The summers are the right time to clip all the extra fur using high-quality dog clippers to ensure a smooth and seamless clipping process.

If you haven’t already done that, it’s time to give your canine friend a nice grooming and clipping session followed by a cool bath outdoors. 

During baths, make sure you only use natural skin and coat care products, to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions.

3. Keep Them Hydrated

Dehydration is just as harmful in dogs as it is in humans, therefore it is essential to keep your dog hydrated at all times.

A good idea is to give them at least an ounce of water for every pound of weight in a day. However, make sure you account for their sloppy drinking because if your dog’s a little too sloppy, most of the water may end up on the floor.

You can also try and put some ice cubes in the water to give them a cooler experience every time they are getting hydrated.

4. Cooling Beds

Cooling beds are a great way to keep your dog cool every time they feel too hot during summer.

Filled with a special cooling material or water, these beds can keep your dog cool for a long time, while also providing them with a comfortable surface to relax on.

5. Have Fun In The Water

Increasing the number of play times in water would be a good idea to help them keep cool while also getting enough exercise.

Whether it is swimming, bathing, or just sitting in water for a while, these activities shall certainly help ­­them relax and stay calm during summers.

6. Take Cool Down Breaks More Often

“I need a break.” That’s not something you’ll ever hear from your dog cause, first of all, they love playtime and second of all, they can’t tell you.

Therefore, it’s your job to take frequent breaks during playtime and give them enough time to cool down and relax.

Let them chill out for a while, give them a bunch of treats and check them to see if they’ve hurt themselves while playing.

7. Give Them Cold Treats and Toys

Giving your dog frozen treats and toys is one of the best ways to keep them cool during Summers.

With the wide range of frozen treats like ice creams, popsicles, and frozen fruits, we are certain that your dog is going to love you more now than ever.

What’s more, with frozen chew toys, they also get to play around while staying cool and happy.

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Now that you know all about the best ways to keep your dog cool in summer, it’s time you put these ideas into action.

With these simple tips, we are certain that you shall be able to provide your dog with enough care and coolness to keep them happy during summers.

We hope this article helped you find what you were looking for and that you and your dog have a great time this summer! Have a great day!

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