How To Groom Your Dog At Home - You Should Know Everything!

Today, all dog lovers want to groom their dogs at home. Grooming needs for every dog. And it depends on your dog’s age and nature. How to groom your dog at home? Following some steps, you can easily groom your dog. 

First, you have to polish your dog’s nails, then clean the ear and also shower. Also hair cut is another part of grooming. If you do not do grooming of your dog, they will turn dirty and have many diseases. 

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Don’t think that it is difficult to groom your dog at home. A few basic tools are required to groom your dog. Read this article to learn how to accomplish that. 

How To Groom Your Dog At Home

How To Groom Your Dog At Home

Grooming your puppy is a crucial step in its excellent health. The part is also quite essential for its cute appearance. Most people are used to taking their puppies to pet store salons. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find time for your puppies to take to groomers. That’s the time you may risk your puppy’s health with something unhygienic.

This may sound quite unreal but fortunately, from now your pet can be groomed at your home. Then people feel confused and asked how to groom my dog at home. As a beginner, you can read Professional Dog Grooming Books.

This type of book helps you to train for grooming your dog easily. In fact, you can do all the things on your own. The process may seem difficult but actually not. How to groom your dog at home?

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Here are some steps to help you with your task:

Let’s begin with nails

Your pet travels with you a lot in a day. Going for a walk or playing with him in a yard may be a regular moment for you. But the bacteria and dust sustained in the soil may cause harm for your puppy. That’s the reason your puppy’s nails should be trimmed on a regular basis. 

Keep your puppy’s nails trimmed every two or three weeks. Though it’s not going to be a pleasing moment for both. But you must be conscious while trimming the nails. Because all the nails should be perfectly trimmed. Don’t forget to trim the nail on the side of the foot. 

Sometimes you may accidentally cut the blood vessels or nerves while trimming its nails. But don’t panic. Applying some styptic powder or a dab of cornstarch will help to stop the bleeding itself. 

Keep trimmed certain key areas

Trimming certain basic areas such as the face, ears, or hygienic areas quite vital to keep your puppy healthy. At the very first time, you may not find yourself confident enough to take on a full groom by yourself. But you can easily at least trim certain areas of your pet.

Take a sharp craft scissor. Just make sure you haven’t used the scissor earlier. Then consequently trim the hairs on its face, ear, and other hygienic areas carefully.

Give a shower regularly

Giving a bath to your puppy is absolutely essential for good health. Unfortunately, most pet owners are not sincere about it. Giving a shower to your pet may prove effective both for its health and appearance. 

First, brush your puppy well. Then take him for a shower. You may apply a pinch of baby shampoo. Rather aloe shampoo is quite good for hair and scalp. The shampoo helps your puppies’ hair to be properly conditioned. In fact, it lessens the threat of lice and other skin diseases to your puppy.

After giving a shower now it’s time to dry its hair. Then brush them gently with a comb. But be very cautious while brushing. Especially be gentle in brushing the face or sensitive areas like the belly or abdominal areas.

Dog grooming for beginners

Grooming your pet for the first time is a precious and pleasant moment of your life. But it’s quite confusing for beginners as well. Most pet owners, especially beginners, find themselves in a very perplexing situation about what to do or not in grooming. Though dog grooming is not considered a very easy or enjoyable task to perform. Yet the task is not too difficult either. How to groom a dog at home as a beginner?

How To Groom Your Dog At Home

Here are some important tips to help you to deal with the tasks:

Prepare your dog

To start the grooming process, the first thing you should keep in mind is to prepare your dog. Your pet may find the process very annoying or frightening the very first time. But you need to be patient and careful to get him ready for the process. Once you find your dog comfortable, it is going to be much easier to complete the session.

Let’s get started

After getting your dog ready for grooming, now it’s time to start the session. In the whole process, you must be very cautious. You have to be very gentle at every step. Your pet may get frightened while using tools or noisy devices. But you need to calm your pet and continue the process. In fact, you should always be encouraged to train your puppy for grooming sessions.

Fix a schedule for grooming

Fixing a schedule for grooming is an integral part of your dog. But most pet owners are unaware of this fact. Making a fixed timetable makes your task easier to train your pet. In fact, a proper timetable will remind you when to look after your dog’s hygiene. Thus you will find the grooming session more effective for your pet’s health and hygiene.

Many puppy owners think their puppy should be taken for grooming after six months. But this is a misconception. The earlier you take them for grooming sessions, the easier it will be to train your dog. That’s why experts suggest taking your pet for grooming sessions from 16 weeks old. 

Dog grooming tools

To groom your dog, what you need first is appropriate grooming tools. There are various tools you must need to process the steps while grooming. 

Here they are:

  • A grooming table
  • Eyes and ear cleaning kit
  • Combs and brushes
  • Bathing station
  • Shampoo 
  • Grooming shears
  • Dental supplies
  • Sharp craft scissor
  • Stripping knife


Is it better to cut hair dogs wet or dry? 

Always try to trim your dog’s nails when he is completely dry. First, clean your dog’s nails and dry them well. Then take a sharp shear and cut the nails cautiously. This will lessen the risk of cutting even if he suddenly moves.

What should you not do when grooming a dog? 

There are certain thighs you should avoid while grooming your dog. Such as washing the inner ears, shaving during summer, giving them a shower too often, not rinsing appropriately, and brushing right after giving the shower.

Do dogs feel better after a bath? 

Yes, dogs feel much better after a bath. In fact, they go crazy after getting a shower because of relief and happiness. A perfect bath safeguards them against several skin diseases and unhygienic issues as well.

Do dogs like warm or cold baths?

The best temperature for your dog’s bath should be around 37 degrees Celsius. Too warm water may cause several issues like overheating or skin burns. On the other hand, too cold water may also cause diseases in your dog.

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Final Word

Above we discuss how to groom your dog at home. I think it is now clear to you that grooming at home is not difficult. But as a beginner when you are going to choose some tools, please consult with an experienced groomer.

There are so many professional books about pet grooming. This type of book also helps beginners to groom their dogs. 

Before grooming always check your dog’s behavior and then go for grooming. Grooming keeps your dog healthy and fit. 

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