How Much Does A Dog DNA Test Cost In USA & UK?

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There is a wide range of dog breeds today, with some new ones coming yearly. DNA testing shows that dogs evolved from wolves around 15,000 years ago after humans began selectively breeding them.

Today, there is probably no other type of animal on the planet that is so diverse in appearance while remaining a single species. One dog breed can look totally different from another in different parts of the world – compare a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, for example.

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So Why Should Any of This Matter to Any Owner?

According to IAdoreAnimals, besides coming in wildly different shapes and sizes, dogs also have equally diverse skills and temperaments due to centuries above of human-controlled breeding and selection. Their health requirements and vulnerabilities vary from breed to breed, and these factors should play a significant part when choosing the right dog breed for you.

Have you ever wondered what kind of breeds your mixed-breed dog has in his heritage? You’re not alone. Most pet owners would love to know these things about their dogs, but it was impossible earlier. But now, it is possible to learn about your dog’s genetic makeup with home DNA testing.

Dog DNA Test

Why Dog DNA Test?

Learning about your dog’s genetic makeup is fun and exciting, but essential information can also come from the test. Since humans and dogs first began living together thousands of years ago, we’ve used selective breeding to make dogs in various sizes, forms, and behaviors.

Research scientists have discovered in recent years that specific genes in the DNA of dogs control life span, many behaviors, and physical characteristics in your dog. Many of these genes are breed-specific.

Knowing your dog’s breed can be necessary because of inherent physical requirements. Many dogs need plenty of space and get plenty of daily exercises; this requirement is not just a want but a genetic need.

If your dog is predominantly Weimaraner, for example, he’s probably going to be big, and he’s going to need a lot of walking and high-energy play. Knowing this type of information about your dog can be wonderful, as it can increase both his happiness and yours.

Knowing the breed of your dog can be important for health reasons. Some dog breeds have a specific set of health issues. For instance, Labrador Retrievers are plagued by hip dysplasia, heartworm medications can adversely affect some breeds of Collies, and Beagles are prone to early-onset glaucoma. Isn’t it good to know about your dog before any problems start?

Easy and low-cost, home dog breed DNA testing saves you a trip to the veterinarian to have blood drawn from your dog, which will save you both money and time, and also saves your pet from the pain of an invasive procedure. Home DNA testing is performed on the cheek cells of your dog, and cheek cells have the same genetic information as cells found in blood but are a lot easier to collect.

You merely swipe a soft bristle brush (provided in the kit) across the inside of your dog’s cheek and then mail it off to the lab. The cheek swab is done comfortably in your home, avoiding trauma to your pet and the extra expense of a veterinary visit. You can get the results in 4 – 6 weeks.

Let’s see the two common reasons for dog DNA breed tests. Before starting any dog breed identification process, dog owners must understand these reasons.

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The Ability to Identify and Record the Breed Composition

You are annoyed by people asking that common question, “What are they?” The sample will be analyzed via advanced SNP-based DNA technology in MMI Genomics, Inc. (MMIG), a highly experienced laboratory. During the initial sample analysis process, your dog’s DNA profile will be obtained and compared with other pure-bred dogs’ DNA profiles in the database.

The primary breed is identified when your dog’s DNA profile strongly matches the profiles of the pure-bred dogs in the database, representing a substantial portion of your dog’s breed composition. Therefore, it is displayed in the “primary” results category in the Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis. In this certificate, you will find other related breed information of your dog in the “secondary” and “in the mix” category. The results will be completed within a 4-6 weeks period of time.

Understand Predisposed Breed Health Risks and Diseases

If you can identify your dog’s breed, you can work out better health and wellness management for your dog. You will be able to deal with your dog’s misbehaviors and personalities by training and playing with them in ways that appeal to their natural talents and temperaments. Hence, you can discuss with your veterinarian to plan a diet and exercise customized to your dog’s needs.

How Much Dog DNA Tests Cost?

DNA kits’ cost depends on what they are designed to test for, and generally, the price varies between £40 and £200.

DNA Profiling

This test identifies a dog and will not tell you about the breed makeup. In case of your dog is ever lost or stolen, then, in that case, the test is useful.

Ancestry and Breed Analysis

This test can help to identify what breeds make up their dog or confirm the pedigree of a pure-bred or designer dog.

Inherited and Gene-Specific Diseases

This test identifies whether your dog has a genetic disorder that it can pass on to its offspring.


Dog DNA testing is gaining popularity day by day. Dog owners increasingly want to know their dog’s heritage, not just for fun but for the priceless physical, health, and behavioral information it can provide.

Mixed breed dogs often have the best temperaments and physical attributes due to their mix of breed characteristics, but it is wonderful to know exactly what breed caused that mixture in case of potential problems later on down the line or special care that your dog might need. It’s great value for the money, and DNA dog breed testing is easy at home. The more you know about your dog and his heritage, the happier you will be together.

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