Basic Dog Training Tips For Beginners

There’s nothing easier than loving a brand new puppy — their plump little paws, absolutely irresistible eyes, and soft tiny ears will win you over in a heartbeat. However, before you start looking for puppies for sale near me, remember one crucial fact; at the end of the day, puppies are just kid dogs. 

And just like human kids, they have a lot of learning to do if they’re going to be awesome members of dog society. Every little pup has plenty of potentials, and it’s your job to unlock it through consistent and dedicated training. 

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Don’t underestimate the need for puppy training; many dog owners end up raising adult dogs with numerous behavioral problems. It only takes a single visit to a nearby animal shelter to find dogs that have been abandoned because their owners just couldn’t bother to train them. 

So, if you’re ready to help your puppy become the cool dog everyone wants to play with, start training it immediately. Don’t worry— we’ve got a few suggestions right here.

Here Are Basic Dog Training Tips For Beginners 

Make Potty Training A Priority

Trust us; potty training will be one of the first essential lessons you’ll need to teach your new pup—at least if you’re interested in preserving your flooring. Before you begin, consider the vaccination schedule your puppy is supposed to stick to and your current living arrangements. 

Naturally, different dogs may go through varying potty training processes. However, it almost always starts the same way—you lead the puppy to the spot you’ve designated as the “potty place.” Then, repeat a simple command, such as “Go potty!” 

Reward them with a treat or a fun activity after they follow instructions for the first time. That way, they’ll automatically associate the command and the action and make fewer mistakes in the future.

Unfortunately, no dog in history has passed their potty training with flying colors after their first try. Therefore, you must decide what you will do if they unavoidably make a mistake. The mistake is as evident as it is inevitable; you’ll recognize it by the puppy going for a squat on your precious carpet or lifting its tiny legs in places they’re not supposed to. 

If you’ve managed to catch them before they’ve done the unspeakable, calmly stop them from continuing and take them to the designated potty place. Naturally, in many cases, you’ll learn of their stinky deeds after the fact. There is nothing else you can do but start cleaning up in that circumstance. 

Contrary to what many people think, scolding them once they’ve already “gone potty” in an unsuitable place won’t do you much good. You’ll just damage the bond you’re trying to build with them. 

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So, try to exercise some patience and maintain realistic expectations. When they’re just a few months old, puppies can rarely wait longer than a couple of hours to do their business. So, expect them to go to the bathroom often—likely more often than you planned. 

Dog Training Tips For Beginners

Teach Them Proper Playing

Puppies are quite cute when they try to bite. However, as they age, that behavior goes from a funny gag to a serious problem. If you want your puppy to grow into a sociable, likable dog that doesn’t have problems with other people or canines—start teaching them how to play appropriately early on. 

It’s never too early to start, even during some of your first playtimes. Once you notice them using their claws or teeth, try to send the right signals; let out a loud “ouch,” and they’ll soon learn that they’re not doing the right thing. 

You shouldn’t expect them to master your “no teeth” teachings immediately. And as you may have noticed, nothing comes quickly and easily during puppy training. Consistency is the name of the game here; you just need to keep showing and telling them the right things, and they’ll catch on eventually. 

After a while, they’ll notice that biting results in a premature end to playtime. That will soon be enough for them to connect the dots and create the best possible habits; don’t try to discipline your puppy any harsher than that because it just doesn’t work. It only damages your relationship in its most fragile phase.

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Help Them Focus

A puppy is most energetic when it’s young—it’s always ready to play around, try something new, and bother its favorite human in the whole wide world. That’s precisely what makes puppies so incredibly fun to play around with. However, it’s also not the best trait for consistent and productive training sessions. 

That’s why you need to help your puppy learn some much-needed focus; otherwise, you won’t get the results you’re looking for, no matter how hard you try. The best way to start is to teach them to keep looking at you when you tell them to. 

It’s simple—if the doggo keeps looking at you willingly, they’re rewarded with a tasty treat. And feel free to make sounds or wave around to keep their attention, but without touching them. 

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