How To Choose The Right Cage Size For Lovebirds

When it comes to the Parrot family, Lovebirds are the most loved house pet around the world. Lovebirds are usually kept in pairs, can live up to 15 years, and are intelligent pets to have at home. If you have a pair of lovebirds and are not sure how to set a cage size for lovebirds, then this post is right for you. Here we will go through each step one by one to assist you in choosing the right cage for your lovebird.

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Here’s How You Can Find The Right Cage Size for Lovebirds

Before moving further, we want to share something with you.

Lovebirds like their own territory and should not be kept with other birds. Keeping them with parrot species might result in fighting and even minor injuries, that no pet owner like. These birds are highly active and love to play with toys. Lovebirds are usually kept in pairs and for this very reason, you need a bigger cage for extra space for their loved ones.

Mini Cage Size

It is worth noting that lovebirds are highly active and love to play with cage buddies. As they are usually kept in pairs it is recommended to have a minimum cage size for lovebirds of 18x18x18 inches and if you have a pair then you can look for a 24x18x24 inches cage size. You might feel that this cage size is bigger for them, but it is important to keep in mind that these birds love to fly. As you know that bigger is the better and for this very reason, you should go for a rectangular cage rather than the traditional one.

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Cage Safety

If you think that every cage is perfect for the lovebirds, then you are up for a surprise. Small-sized cages that are specifically designed for cage birds and other small parrots like budgies are the best buys for lovebirds.

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One thing that you need to keep in mind is that lovebirds like to chew the cage. So, if you buy a cage that is made from wire will be perfect for your lovebird. Rest things to check while buying a cage for your lovebird is that it should not have any sharp edges, made from toxic materials, or any other design that can result in injury.

As you already know Lovebirds are intelligent and clever birds, thus they can easily open cage doors. So, pay special attention to the cage locks to ensure that birds can’t easily escape the cage.

Easily Accessible

Remember, the cage you choose for your lovebird should be easy to clean. Before buying make sure all the corners of the cage are easy to clean and have large doors for cleaning, removing toys, and feeding purposes.

Usually, the cage with big doors is as perfect as they make everything within the cage easily accessible. With a big door cage, you can easily place a tray in the cage for feeding and placing water in the cage. You can also place a newspaper or cloth to make it easy to clean.


All set to bring the new cage for your lovebird. Wait, you forgot something. Remember, you haven’t decided where you are going to place the pet cage. While this might seem like a minuscule task, remember it’s not. Select a place or place where you are ideally going to put the cage.

How to Choose the Right Cage Size for Lovebirds | Animal Boarding Near Me | Love birds,  Clever animals, Parrot cage

This will greatly help in choosing the right cage size for lovebirds. Here are a few key points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a location for your lovebird – 

  • The location of the cage should be away from the direct sunlight and not too close to the window.
  • Your lovebird should be able to freely access the natural light and airflow.
  • Birds love to be near nature, so if you have a space that is close to the garden that would be perfect for them.
  • Lovebirds are social creatures and love to be around their owners. Choose a location where they can easily see you and nearby a place where you usually sit around.
  • The location of cage needs to be at a high location and far away from the reach of other pet animals at home.

Remember, the cage is like a home for your lovebird and they need to feel safe and secure at night. Choose a cage that offers maximum support to your lovebird. Abstain from using any fiber material beddings or towels as birds can get stuck in that.

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The next thing that matters to your lovebird is the space inside the cage. As you know these are from the parrot family and they love to be mischief and fly around in the cage. This means that you need a cage with plenty of room inside so that lovebirds or lovebirds (if you have a pair) can move freely inside the cage.

Remember, you are going to place love swings, chew toys, food bowls, a water bowl, bedding, and puzzles. All of these require a huge space, thus choose your cage size accordingly.

With this, we are ending this post. All of the steps mentioned above are equally important when choosing a lovebird breeding cage size. The more accessories you plan to put inside the cage, the more love birds cage big size you need.

Final Words

Lovebirds are one of the few pets that you can have at home without feeling the need to take care of them. It’s not that difficult to have them and take care of them. To avoid any confusion buy a love birds cage big size that you can easily manage at home. Remember, the bigger the cage the better it is for your lovebirds.

Make sure that the bars are placed horizontal rather than vertical inside the cage, thus giving ample space for your lovebirds to fly. More space means, that the lovebirds are going to live a long and happy life, & even move freely whenever they want to be.

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