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Traveling with furry friends may seem like a faraway dream due to the numerous obstacles in the way, namely the hotel pet fees. Visiting new places and destinations with your pet in tow is an incredible experience. For all the pet owners (or anyone who loves animals), not being able to go on these adventures is upsetting.

However, with Romingo, you can adjust those costs without any problems. It will erase all doubt and help you find the best pet friendly hotels without any additional fees.

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Hotels That Don’t Require Pet Fees

Hotels typically ask for an additional fee to allow pets to stay. Usually, this is because pets require extra care, and since the environment around them deeply affects their health, the hotels have to implement security and cleanliness throughout. Moreover, many hotels don’t even allow pet stay.

Nonetheless, Romingo has various listed hotels with a premium standing that are welcoming, pet-friendly, and don’t charge an extra penny. If you want to learn more about these hotels, keep on reading this article.

Here are 4 Best Pet Friendly Hotels In The World

1. Hotel Andra

Hotel Andra

Hotel Andra is a wallet and pet-friendly hotel. It has become a public favorite because it accommodates pets and dogs. Andra allows two pets at a time, weighing 50 lbs per pet. And as mentioned, they have no additional fee involved.

In fact, Hotel Andra offers dog mats, blankets, and bowls to ensure your furry friend has a comfortable stay. You can also leave your pet in the room without supervision; however, they have to be inside their crates.  

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2. Thompson Seattle

Thompson Seattle hotel

Thompson Seattle hotel is a luxury hotel that will support and welcome your pets warmly. Thompson Seattle is an excellent choice if you want to have an enjoyable stay in Seattle with your pet. It is considered one of the best pet friendly hotels options because it invites pets of all sizes and breeds.

Their policy allows you to bring your cat, dog, or even a rabbit. In fact, if you have any exotic pets, you can contact the management and see if they are willing to accommodate those pets. Any pet that is demure and obedient can stay unrestricted as well.

As with all hotels on the list, they don’t require extra charges. However, if you book with Romingo, you will receive a warm welcome along with special treats for your pet.

Contact Romingo for the No-Fee Policy on Your Favorite Hotels

You don’t have to pay extra charges to keep your pup with you during the holidays. You won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to know what it feels like to have your four-legged friend by your side. With Romingo, you can stay at any pet-friendly hotel without worrying about an additional fee.

Every hotel partnered with Romingo will allow any two dogs around the weight of 75 lbs. You can enjoy those exclusive hotel perks with your furry friend and enjoy a more pet-friendly journey without worrying about money.

3. Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

This hotel is one of the most famous and luxurious ones on the market; most people wish to stay here because of the many fancy amenities that are given to every member staying here. There are many advantages related to water activities. For instance, there is whale-watching, water sliding, sailing, surfing, etc.

It is a vibrant hotel surrounded by beautiful Californian greenery; however, people often don’t opt for this hotel (despite being pet-friendly) because there the additional fee for the pets is around 100$. However, if you book through Romingo, you won’t have to pay that fee; you can enjoy your stay with your furry friend without worry.

4. Mondrian Los Angeles

Mondrian Los Angeles

This particular hotel is a parallel universe of possibility. It is a luxury and fancy hotel that your pets are bound to love because of the extravagance surrounding it. It is located in the heart of Hollywood, making it a striking and prominent sight for all.

They allow pets of all breeds, and they take special care of your furry friends without hesitation. However, considering they are a luxury hotel, not many people prefer going to them because of their extra fees. They charge around 125$ for one pet alone, which is too steep.

But when you have Romingo on your side, you can rest easy knowing they will take care of that additional cost. Their partnership with Mondrian allows them to give you a 0$ fee advantage. Moreover, you can take any pet weighing around 75 pounds.

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Final Thoughts

Paying for a hotel pet fee shouldn’t be a thing. While taking your pet to every hotel you visit isn’t possible, you can contact Romingo for the best hotel listing in your area. They will give you options from worthy hotels, and because of their partnership, you will get warmer welcomes and discounted offers. Here are some of the notable hotels both in budget and luxurious categories. Hopefully, you can easily decide what hotel to visit with your furry friend.

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