The 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

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Without a doubt, dogs are man’s best friend. And if you are searching for a pet animal with therapeutic benefits and provides emotional support, then this post is a must-read for you. Here we will discuss the top 10 best emotional support dog breeds so that you can easily find the emotional support dog you need. All of these top emotional support dogs breeds are easy to train, affectionate, and want to please humans.

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a chihuahua lying on a man's lap

So, without any delay let’s start with our list of the 10 best emotional support dog breeds.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire terrier is one of the best emotional support dog breeds out there. However, due to their resemblance to Pit bull-type dogs, bad PR, and some bad owners, most people hesitate to have them like a pet dog.

But, that’s not true about these lovely canine buddies. These are well-devoted canines, well-behaved, and well-suited as emotional support canines. The best thing about these dogs is that you can train them to socialize, how behave at home and interact with other strangers. If you are looking for top emotional support dog breeds, then this one will perfectly meet your needs.

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elderly woman hugging a Vizsla puppy

Go for Vizsla if you’re looking for an emotional support dog that’s sweet, cheerful, loving, and loves to be around humans every now and then. The best thing about them is that they are hyper-energetic which means a lot of morning and evening walks with them. So, if you like to go for a casual walk, jogging, and bike riding, then these are the best emotional support dog breeds for you. With a daily activity added to your routine, you are fit physically and emotionally. This dog breed is relatively small in nature which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning them.

Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel in the hands of his female owner

Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel- is one of the most emotional dog breeds out there. This dog breed got its name for its loyal companionship after its owner. This dog breed has been domesticated thus making them ideal for companionship and emotional support.

If you are searching for the best emotional support dog breeds, then Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel will give you profound love and affection. They are extremely efficient in fighting depression and for these natural superpowers most people refer to them as “Love Sponges”.

Labrador Retriever

labrador eating a treat

Labrador retriever is one of the most loveable dog breeds out there. And without a doubt, they need a mention when we are discussing the best emotional support dog breeds out there. These dogs are happy, loving, laid-back, and fun to be canines which makes them a perfect emotional support dog breed.

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These guys are so energetic and are always ready to lick your face and play with you, and there is nothing that can bore them. One of the biggest benefits of having a Follies Labrador retriever is that they are easy to train and you can teach them plenty of new things just by hiring a certified dog professional.

Brussels Griffon

Woman holding adorable Brussels Griffon puppy indoors

Next on our emotional support dog breeds list, we have Brussels Griffon. The dogs of this breed are “monkey-faced” and without a will bring a smile to your face. The canines of this breed are alert, cheerful, sensitive, and can easily sense human feelings. However, these dogs are extremely low key and one thing you need to do is give them personal space. This is one of the most emotional dog breeds that fit in your lap whenever you need them to be.


a middle age woman hugging a yorkie

Yorkies are one of the best emotional support dog breeds for ages. Even during the first world war, this dog breed is used to boost the morale of soldiers when fighting in the trenches. These are relatively small in size and attract the love & affection of every human they meet.

Their friendly nature, ease to train, and ability to sense human emotions make them the top emotional support dog breeds. This canine breed’s smaller size makes them easy to carry around, requires less living space, and thus makes them ideal for disabled people. Yorkies are highly energetic, love to play around, and sit in their owner’s lap.


old man holding a pug

Next on our list of top emotional support dog breeds is Pugs. These grumpy-looking dogs are perfect to change your mood and give you the best hugs. The best thing about them is their funniest temperaments and positive thinking minds which give them an innate desire to feel better. Their friendly nature, positive attitude, and playful attitude attune them to bring more positivity and happiness to your life. But, due to their short noses, most airlines don’t allow them to fly.

Golden Retriever

a woman hugging a golden retriever puppy

Every list of the best emotional support dog breeds is incomplete without Golden Retriever in it. This is one of the tops loved dog breeds worldwide. For this very reason, when you are going for therapy or any emotional care center there are chances that you are going to see Golden Retriever.

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These are easy to train dogs, friendly, loveable, highly energetic, and love to be around humans. This makes them perfect to provide emotional support as they have a strong desire to please. These are perfect travel buddies and love to explore the world.


corgi kissing a woman

Without a doubt, the corgis are the most intelligent, loveable, and affectionate dog breeds out there. Whenever you are feeling bad they will set your mood on light and provide you the emotional support you need to set your mood right.

Their friendly nature towards humans and small size make them such a love bud whenever they are around humans. In addition to being the most emotional dog breeds, their hyperactive nature makes them ideal choices for owners with physical fitness issues.


a woman holding a chihuahua

Last in our list of the best emotional support dog breeds is Chihuahuas. Due to their small size, you can easily carry them around with you, play, and snuggle with them. This dog breed has a short temperament but with proper training, at the early stages, you can translate their behavior. They are highly active in nature and will keep you busy all day long. With their loving personality, they will provide you with the needed emotional support whenever you are feeling low.

Wrapping Up

Dogs are the best pet animals when you are looking for emotional support, feeling lonely, and needing someone by your side when you reach home. These best emotional support dog breeds will give you the right support so you don’t feel low at all.

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Having a canine in your life that treats you with patience, loves you eternity, lightens up your mood, is ready to play with you anytime, and listen to you without judging, these guys are the best. However, it is best to visit therapists and psychologists and seek their help where your dog can’t.

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